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Level 14: Eye of the Storm

From the Start take out the Zombiemen in front of you and then clear out the watery area on both sides, to the north and east. Once your done head up one of the stairs. Stand next to the yellow block and you’ll notice another block under a Button lowering down. Quickly stand on the block and press the Button.

Do the same thing on the other side and the Blue Key just in front of the Starting position will lower down.

For the one and only secret for this level head up the stairs on the right (east) side and press on the last statue on the left side. It’s slightly darker than the others. This lowers the bars in the water below. Quickly drop off the edge to the right and go through the passage. Ride the lift to the BFG for Secret #1.

Now that you have the Blue Key press the Blue Button on either side and go through to the next section. Do a loop around to clear out all the enemies. You may want to use the Unmaker on the Pain Elementals. Once the coast is clear go through the center of the structure.

Hit the Switch on one side to open the door to the courtyard. The stairs on either side both lead around to a lowered area and then a lift back up. Open the door to the final area and take out the Lost Souls. Hit the Button to lower the Exit teleporter and step onto it to complete the level.

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