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Level 3: Main Engineering

From the Start take out the Zombieman and pick up the Super Shotgun. Press the Button to open up the wall on either side and follow one of the corridors around down the stairs.

Open the door at the bottom and go through to a circular room that changes as you enter. Take the stairs up one side and run across the walkway to the Blue Key.

Secret #1 and Secret #2 can be found by going through the invisible walls on the side stairs. One has Invulnerability and the other has Invisibility. You may want to save the Invulnerability for when you go through the Yellow Door.

Now that you have the Blue Key go back through the door to the north and open the Blue Door to the east. Take out the Cacodemons. Open the doors and press the Buttons on either side of the central structure. This lowers down teleporters that take you to the outer walkway.

Take the teleporter up and press the Button in the center. The central structure will open up and Cacodemons and Lost Souls will spawn in. Take them out and drop down.

Ride the lift up in the central structure and grab the Yellow Key. Take the lift back down. Before you leave this room press on the monitor just to the left of the entrance (as you enter). This opens a little room on the other side for Secret #3 with Berserk.

Go back through the Blue Door and through the door to the south. Take either of the stairs up to the top, grab the Invulnerability if you haven’t already and go through the Yellow Door. Press the Button to reform the room and wait for the enemies to spawn in.

Once you’ve killed them all press both the Buttons in the central pit. One of the Buttons opens the room to the south. When you enter this room a passage in the corner opens. Use the little step in the corner to get into it for Secret #4.

Go back through the Yellow Door and grab the Red Key from the center. Go back through the Yellow Door and open the Red Door. Press on the second computer screen to open up the wall behind you for Secret #5 with Mega Armor. Press the Exit switch to complete the level.

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