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Look at the Notice Board in Oreton to find this contract. You can speak to Milan, the officer, and haggle with him for a better reward if you want.

Follow the quest marker to a village in the south west of Velen. It has been overrun by Ghouls. Once you’ve killed them all off two survivors will come out. Talk to them to find out they’re hiding something. You can either leave them to it and head back to Milan for your reward or enquire further.

Examine the two soldier’s bodies to pick up on a scent. Follow it up the hill to a hut. The man named Bytomir will at first deny anything is happening but will eventually cave in and tell you that they found Elven ruins under their village. While looting it for treasure they accidentally awakened a beast.

Bytomir will give you the Hut Key so you can have a look for yourself. Enter the hut and use your Witcher senses to find some fur. Geralt will figure out it’s an Ekimmara. Move aside the planks and climb down into the tunnel.

Make your way through the tunnel to the Ekimmara’s lair. There’s not a lot of room to move around in here so fighting it might be difficult. Once you’ve killed the Ekimmara loot the body for the Ekimmara Trophy and a Steel Sword called Bloed Aedd.

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