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Between the House of Respite and the Army Group Center Camp you’ll come across a Nobelwoman in distress. The lady asks you for help and wants you to find out the whereabouts of her son, Hrodeberth.

The Noblewomen suggests you go and talk to the Quartermaster for information. Make your way to the Quartermaster’s tent and ask him about it. You can either pay him 150 Crowns, use Axii or complete the Contract: Patrol Gone Missing for him without asking any questions.

However you do it he’ll reveal that the boy deserted with a group and was chased down by other soldiers. He also tells you that some of the deserters got away so it’s possible the boy is still alive.

Make your way to the spot marked on the map to search for clues. Use your Witcher senses to find some tracks and follow them to a group of hanged men. One of them fits the description of Hrodeberth but you need further proof. Search the ground for an Unsent Letter.

Take the letter back to the Noblewoman and either lie to her or tell her the truth. Either way you’ll get your reward of 50 Crowns.

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