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This quest only becomes available once you’ve completed the Contract: The Merry Widow and five days have passed. Head to Lindenvale and you’ll see the alderman near to the notice board. He mutters something about another Witcher being in town.

Speak to the alderman to find out another “witcher” took up a contract and got his daughter pregnant. He asks you to search the cemetery to find the imposter.

When you arrive at the cemetery you’ll see the supposed witcher hiding from a Ghoul. Kill the Ghoul and talk to the man who will be thankful for saving his life.

Two men from the village will arrive, wondering why the “witcher” took so long. You can either expose him as a fraud or pretend that it took two witchers to complete the contract.

If you expose him then you can either convince the villagers to let him go or hand him over to the alderman. If you cover for him you can tell him to leave and never come back or convince him to work for the alderman for a year as compensation.

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