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Read Lindenvale’s notice board to begin this quest and to get a few details. Speak to the Gravedigger who will tell you that something has been digging up the bodies in the graveyard outside the church.

Make your way up to the church and you’ll be attacked by a few rabid Dogs. Take them out and then use your Witcher senses to examine the area.

Looking at the skeletons you’ll notice that no tools were used to dig them up. Around to the south-west side you’ll find a cadaver. Follow the scent across a broken bridge and then up to a hut. Examine a few items in the hut such as the bowl, cauldron and skulls.

After having a look around Geralt will conclude that the culprit is a Grave Hag. Take the skulls so you can use them to lure out the Hag.

Go back to the church and interact with the pedestal. Geralt will wait until the Grave Hag, Mourntart, appears.

Mourntart is a powerful Grave Hag but is still susceptible to Necrophage Oil, Yrden and Quen. Kill her and then loot the body for the Grave Hag Trophy. Return to the Gravedigger for your reward.

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