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Groups of Bandits have gathered in Velen to collect a toll from passers by or to rob them of their goods. In some locations you can use diplomacy but others you’ll need to fight.

Deadly Crossing I

These Bandits will ask for a toll to be paid before you can cross the bridge. You can either pay them 50 Crowns, use Axii to persuade them or fight them. If you fight them you’ll need to use the wheel to manually lower the bridge.

Deadly Crossing II

Looters have been searching the corpses in the area and have found a valuable sword. You can purchase the sword from them for 525 Crowns. If you refuse you can safely go on your way. You can also fight them and take the sword once you’ve killed them.

Deadly Crossing III

The third group can be found in the woods west of Dragonslayer’s Grotto. There’s no way to interact with them. Once you’re spotted they will be openly hostile.

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