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The Crusher

Be carefully stepping out into the dark room from your starting location. There are Shotgun Guys on either side and a Revenant stalking the area. Take out the first few Shotgun Guys and then use the pillars to hide behind while taking out the Revenant. Clear out the rest of the room and then press on the pillar with the electrical components on it. This is Secret 1. The pillar drops down revealing a Megasphere for 200 health and armor.

Ride the lift down to the ground floor and notice the Spider Mastermind on the platform. Quickly hit the Switch to your right to operate the crusher. The Mastermind will slowly get crushed. You can shoot it as well to speed up the process. Once the spider’s dead walk up the stairs to the platform and the crusher will stop. Pick up the Plasma Gun and take out the Specters in the slime river. Secret 2 is the little room at the end of the slime river. It only has a couple of Small Medpaks and a teleporter back to the platform.

Take the lift back up and run through the gap in the bars at the top. You’ll land on a corner platform with a Switch. Hit the Switch to lower a lift on the other side of the room with the Blue Key on it. Quickly drop down and grab it. Ride the lift up and clear out this area if you want. You’ll find a Megasphere at one end of the corridor.

You can explore the Imp cells for a few extra Cells for the Plasma Gun or drop down and head up the lift back to the starting room. A new area will have opened up to the north. Take out the new enemies and then go through the Blue Door.

Make your way to the room with the path that spirals around. At the end you’ll find the Red Key. In the north-west corner of the room is a ledge that had Chaingunners on it. Dash across to it from the path. You’ll need to dash across from the second last stepfrom the corner.

Press on the wall to reveal Secret 3. Shoot the barrels to kill all of the enemies and then pick up the Megasphere and ammo.

Head back the way you came and go through the Red Door. Take out the Hell Knight and make your way around the path to a large square room. In the south-east corner is a switch with the Yellow Key on a pedestal next to it. Hit the Switch to lower the key. When you pick it up the center room will open and enemies will teleport out.

Once you’ve cleared the room take any of the teleporters to the center room. Hit the Switch to raise the bridge and go through the Yellow Door to the exit.

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