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Icon of Sin

From the Start grab all the ammo you need and go through the teleporter. First you’ll need to make your way up the platforms to hit the Button up the top. This will lower the pillar so you can get on top of it.

The Icon of Sin will continually spawn new enemies. Your main focus will be riding the pillar up and shooting a rocket through the small gap. The correct time to release a rocket will be just before the pillar stops moving. Once it stops you’ll be too high.

The first time you reach the top of the pillar dash across to the platform to the north so you can grab a Radiation Suit. You can then drop down and ride the pillar up again. While you’re waiting for the pillar to lower try to clear out as many enemies as you can.

You get one chance to fire a rocket as you’re taking the pillar up and one shot as you’re dropping off the edge. Once you’ve successfully shot 3 rockets through the gap in the wall the final boss will be defeated. Congratulations on completing Doom 2: Hell on Earth. For more Doom 2 check out the Master Levels.

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