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Bad Dream

Bad Dream is a tricky little map by Cranium. You begin in a small room with a Chainsaw in front of you. Pick it up and open the wall behind you for the one and only Secret. Use the Chainsaw to take out the Revenant and then grab the MegaSphere.

Open the door to the large circular room. A Spider Mastermind stands in your way. Make a noise with the Chainsaw and all the CyberDemons will notice. While trying to attack you they’ll kill the Spider Mastermind. Quickly head out the door and you’ll be teleported up to the eastern passage.

Kill the Zombieman and then drop down to the large circular room. You’ll need to keep moving to prevent the missiles from the Cyber Demons from hitting you. When you see an opening grab the Invincibility sphere from the center. This starts a crusher. The whole roof will come down and crush everything underneath it.

Quickly grab the Red, Blue and  Yellow Keys and then go back to the Starting room. Head out the door to be teleported to the eastern passage again. Use the Keys to open the doors and grab the weapons along the way. There’s a few enemies behind each door but nothing too difficult. Open the final door and head out the Exit.

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