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From the Start pick up the Shotgun Shells and take out the enemies in the first room. Watch out for the Chaingunner behind the back right pillar.

From here you can either take the lift for Green Armour or head out the exits to the left or right. Take a look at the map to see how all the paths join together.

Just in front of the entrance to the central courtyard you’ll find a Super Shotgun. Use it to take out the Pain Elemental and continue forwards.

Continue towards the building ahead and go inside. Towards the back of the building you’ll find the Red Key guarded by a Hell Knight and a few other enemies. There are three ways into this building, by opening the gate in the center or through one of the side doors.

If you look out the back window you may be able to shoot some of the enemies from here. The red door is on the western side of the map. Head through and take out the enemies.

In the center you’ll find the Blue Key. Watch out for the Lost Souls that rise up from the pits below.

When you grab the key enemies will appear from alcoves around the sides. Take them out and pick up the loot they leave behind.

Now that you have the Blue Key head to the blue door on the eastern side of the map. Take out the Chaingunners and Pain Elemental and then go up the stairs to pick up the Yellow Key.

In the corner to the right you’ll find the Rocket Launcher. Open the gate and take the lift to the outside.

Clear out the areas to the left and right but watch out for the Revenent around the corner to the left. Around the corner to the right you’ll find a Teleporter that takes you to another outdoor area.

Step off the teleporter and back onto it. This will take you back to the main building. Walk off the teleporter to trigger the one and only Secret for this level.

Take the two teleporters back to the new outdoor area. Clear the area of enemies but watch out for the Mancubus. Open the door, take out the Hell Knight and hit the Switch to complete the level.

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