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T.E.E.T.H (The Express Elevator to Hell)

You begin this map in the central lift. There are enemies all around so quickly grab the Super Shotgun and take them out. Focus on getting rid of the Chaingunners first and then worry about the other enemies.

Once you’ve cleared the starting area you’ll have a chance to breathe. There are 8 floors in this map and they are all labelled. The first is to the north and they go around clockwise.

1st Floor

When you enter the first floor the bars in front of you will close for 30 seconds. When they open head around the passage and enter the small room. Hit the Switch to release a Baron of Hell. Take him out and then flip the Switch behind him to unlock the bars on the seconds floor.

2nd Floor

Watch out for the Chaingunners through the window on the right. One of them will continually be revived by an Arch Vile out of sight. Head into the room on the left and go through the red teleporter. This takes you to the fifth floor.

5th Floor

When you teleport into the little structure quickly take out the enemies and then pick up the Invisibility, SoulSphere and Rocket Launcher. If you stand on the south side and shoot through the illusionary wall to the south you’ll kill a Pain Elemental. Press the Button to unlock the bars on the third floor and go back through the teleporter.

2nd Floor

Open the hidden door on the right side just before leaving this room. Go through the teleporter. This takes you to the south room on the fifth floor where you killed the Pain Elemental.

5th Floor

Grab the Red Key and drop down to the floor. Open the panel just to the right and flip the Switch. This opens up access to the Blue Key later on.

Lower the two lifts on the north-western wall and press the Button at the top. This unlocks the bars in the sixth floor. Some Revenants will be released you’ll see them running through the central structure.

Lower the two lifts again but this time run to the lifts that lower on the north west wall. Ride them up and open the wall to the dark room. Grab the Yellow Key and drop back down again.

When you’re done here open the door to the north and head back to the lift.

4th Floor

Go into the fourth floor. The bars ahead are locked but you can enter the door to the left. From here there’s a window looking out to the third floor where you can take out most of the enemies. Stepping on the Button with arrows activates the crusher.

Eventually four Mancubus will get crushed in the crusher.

3rd Floor

Take the lift to the third floor and enter the room ahead. Take out any Mancubus that may still be alive. Hit the green button to lower down the middle platform and stand on it. When it lifts up run across to the second green Button and hit that one as well. This opens the bars to the fourth floor.

4th Floor

Enter into the fourth floor and make your way around to the crusher. There will still be one more Mancubus hiding in the dark room. Watch out for the Chaingunners in the windows above.

Press the Button to unlock the bars to the fifth floor. For the first secret take the lift down on the northern side and open the angled wall. Take out the Arch Vile and go inside. Take another lift down for a SoulSphere.

When you’re done head back to the lift. Just near the passageway to the exit an alcove will have opened up with the Blue Key. Take out the Revenant and Chaingunner and grab the key. As we’ve explored the fifth floor already ride the lift to the sixth floor.

6th Floor

Watch out for the Chaingunners and Shotgun Guys when you enter this corridor. Some will shoot you from a small window on the right.

As you step forwards a room opens behind you releasing a Revenant. More Revenants will be released on the other levels.

Step into the room with the cages but don’t approach the Button yet. Instead open the wall to the left for Secret 2. Inside you’ll find a Plasma Gun and other goodies. Open the wall to the left for another small room with more goodies.

Head back to the room with cages and press the Button. Chaingunners will quickly rise up to fill the cages. Dash for the secret room to avoid their gunfire. The Button opens up the bars on the seventh floor.

Take out the Chaingunners and ride the lift to the seventh floor.

7th Floor

Get your Plasma Gun ready and ride the lift all the way to the top. Quickly run across to the steps and take out all the enemies.

Run across to the ledge with the Armor Bonuses and press the skull on the wall. This unlocks the bars to the eighth floor.

8th Floor

Ride the lift all the way to the top and go through to the final floor. Take out the enemies in the room ahead and watch out for the Chaingunners and Pain Elementals on either side.

There’s a SoulSphere and BFG, as well as the Secret Exit, on the ledge to the left but the only way to get up there is to use the blast from an Arch Vile.

Walk up the steps to the regular exit until the walls on either side open up. Quickly take out the enemies on the left side and open the wall behind for Secret 3 and Invincibility.

Run back and stand in front of the ledge with the BFG. Let the Arch Vile blast you up to it and then take him out. Open the Yellow Door to the Secret Exit. This counts as Secret 4.

To get to the regular exit walk along the left side of the steps and lower the lift. Ride it up, take out the Baron and hit the Switch to open the door to the Exit. Ride the lift down and walk up the stairs to the Exit.

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