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The Focus

As soon as you open the door from the starting area and shoot a lot of nearby enemies will come running towards you. Wait behind the door for them to come closer and then open the door again and take them out.

There are two rooms on the left with sliding windows. Carefully take out all the Shotgun Guys inside then head up the stairs. A couple of Zombiemen are hiding around the corner. Hit the Switch to lower the Blue Key on the pedestal behind the grated wall.

Head back down the stairs and open the door to room with the Shotgun Guys. This is Secret #1. Blow up the barrels to get to the second room. Head back out and go through the door to the east.

Follow the path to the south, take out the Imps if you haven’t already and then pick up the Blue Key. When you grab it a trap will open nearby with three Imps. Look across the slime pond to the wall that seems slightly off. Run across to it and open it for Secret #2. Watch out for the Chaingunner inside.

Go through the blue door to the north. This room is very dark but you can turn on the lights by hitting the light switch to the right of the door. Make your way through to the other side and into the storage room. Take out the Imps first and then stand on the small box by the entrance. This lowers one of the larger boxes. Ride it up and grab the Red Key.

Drop off the boxes to the left side for Secret #3 and head through the teleporter. You’ll be teleported back to the beginning of the level.

Head through the red door and pick up the Yellow Key at the end of the walkway. Doors will open on either side releasing 4 Chaingunners. Take them out and then clear out the ground floor. Go through the teleporter on the left side and hit the Switch to raise the bridge. Jump onto it as it raises or go through the teleporter nearby. Open the door to the exit and hit the button to complete the level.

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