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Press the Switch and the lift will rise up. Drop down for a Shotgun and take out the Demon. Open the bridge between the two areas and take out the Shotgun Guy on the other side. Watch out for the Chaingunner on the ledge to the left of the Blue Door.

Clear out the enemies and then take the stairs up to the top level. Take out any remaining enemies and pick up all the ammo and weapons.

There are two closed off areas with enemies inside. You’ll get to those at the end of the level but you can shoot the enemies inside now if you want.

Drop down to the floor and take the lift on the south side of this area. Take out the Shotgun Guys and then ride the lift down to the left. Kill the 4 Demons and then open the door to the walkway across the acid pool.

A Hell Knight is standing on the bridge guarding the Red Key. It’s easier to step back and wait for him to come to you. Take him out and then run across the walkway, picking up the Red Key along the way.

From here you can turn around and take out the Imps on the ledges on either side. A couple of Lost Souls will also float up from either side of the walkway.

Continue to the left and take the stairs up. Carefully take out all the enemies and be extra careful of the Chaingunner in one of the cages.

Head up the stairs and walk up to the Blue Door. This opens up a secret in the room with all the Pinky Demons. Run back across the walkway and you’ll see 3 Imps in a new area. Take them out and then open the left wall of the new room for Secret 1 with a Backpack.

Make your way back to the room with cages and go up the stairs. Go through the door to the right which takes you back to the start of this area. Drop down to the ledges and pick up all the ammo. Dash across the gap to the ledge on the other side for Blue Armor.

Go back to the room with the stairs and go through the Red Door. Lower the lift and take out the Chaingunner on a ledge above and the Revenant on a platform below.

Ride the lift up to the top for a Rocket Launcher and the Blue Key. Drop all the way down to the floor and clear out this area. There’ll be 2 Cacodemons as well as a number of Rockets by the walls.

Head back to the room with the stairs and go through the Blue Door. This takes you to an outside area. Quickly take out the Chaingunner and hide back behind the Blue Door.

Wait for the Pain Elemental to get closer and then open the door again to take him out. Drop down to the pillar with the Radiation Suit and then down to the one with the Plasma Gun.

Drop down to the ground and take out all the enemies. Pick up all the ammo and then ride the small lift in the corner opposite the green waterfall.

Head up the steps and follow the path around. back to the outside. If you need health backtrack to the room with the stairs. Go through the Red Door and take out the Pinky Demons in a new room that has opened up. Inside you’ll find a Soul Sphere.

Make your way back to the green acid area and take the small lift in the corner. Follow the path around to a room with a couple of Hell Knights and other smaller enemies.

Take the lift up and open the door but watch out for the Chaingunner and Mancubus on the other side. The rocket launcher is a quick way to take them out.

Once you get to the next door retrace your steps and drop down the lift. Follow the path as it curves outside and then inside again. Open the wall at the back of the alcove that opened up for Secret 2 and a MegaSphere. Watch out for the Chaingunner who’s probably wandering around here somewhere as well.

Now go back the way you came (yes, there is a lot of going backwards and forwards). Take the lift up and continue forwards. At the end of the corridor make your way back again to the room that has the slightly lowered section.

Take out the Imps from the new alcove and then open the back wall for Secret 3. This one only has a Chaingunner with no goodies to collect!

Make your way back again down the corridor and you’ll come out to one of the enclosed sections in the beginning area. Take the teleporter to the other side and pick up the Yellow Key.

Take the teleporter back again and open the door leading to the exit. Before you hit the Switch open the wall to the left of the exit for Secret 4 where you’ll find a Health Pack. Hit the Switch to end the level.

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