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On the east coast of Ard Skellig, south of Redgill and near to a pier you’ll come across a Warrior being attacked by Pirates.

Help him fight off the Pirates and then talk to him. He’ll tell you that he’s looking for his sister, Kurisu, who was kidnapped. He tells you that if you find her tell her to return home to Blandare.

Use the map marker to make your way to the Pirate Ship on the small island southwest of Hindarsfjall. The Pirates are missing but there is a large number of Ekhidnae (Sirens). Kill them and then search the chest on the wrecked ship for some Notes. You can also examine the bodies and a few other items here for more clues. Read the notes to find out the sister has gone to Freya’s Temple.

Freya’s Temple is not too far away on the main island of Hindarsfjall. Make your way there and you’ll see Kurisu talking with one of the Priestesses. When you talk to her she’ll tell you that she’s happy to go back home and the quest will be completed.

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