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While exploring the Druid Camp at Gedyneith one of the druids will call you over and ask you to help one of the other druids, Egill, who has suddenly gone mute.

Go over and talk to the “Taciturn Druid” who, naturally, won’t talk back. He’ll only give you the finger sign. Have a look around the area to find three things you can interact with, the fire, the pots and the hornet’s nest.

You’ll need to shock Egill three times to get him to talk. If he’s lying down use Aard on the pots, if he’s warming himself by the fire extinguish it and if he’s praying on the rock ledge use Aard to stir up the hornets.

After you shock Egill for the last time he’ll yell at you and his vow of silence will be broken. Go back to the druid who gave you the quest and he’ll reward you with the Iorveth Gwent Card for giving him such a laugh.

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