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You may stumble upon this quest if travel to the small island east of Redgill. Near you tree you’ll find a body. Examine it to find a Journal. Reading the Journal begins the quest.

Head to the shipwreck on the south side of the island and dive down to find a chest with a Letter Sealed with Impermeable Wax and the Captain’s Log.

Take the items back to Novigrad and enter a small village called Ursten. You can talk to either the Warrior or the Woman but you can’t talk to both of them.

Talking to the Warrior

Talk to the Warrior in the town and then head out to where the Woman is located. The Woman will start yelling at the Warrior. He’ll claim that she’s a criminal and that he’s taking the child back to where he belongs. You can side with the Warrior or the Woman. Siding with the Woman means you’ll need to fight the Warrior. If not the Warrior will strike down the Woman.

Talking the Woman

The Woman will yell at you as you approach. She doesn’t understand your language so hand over the Captain’s Log and then the Letter. At this point the Warrior will approach. If you side with the Woman she’ll give you a Stone Medallion as a reward.

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