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This contract can be started by reading the notice board in Rannvaig. You’ll find a notice by a man who claims his son went out searching for adventure but never returned. He’s seeking information about his whereabouts.

Speak to the man who posted the notice, Odhen, and he’ll tell you that his son went down south to the ruins of Boxholm. Make your way to the ruins and you’ll come across a powerful Fiend named Morvudd. Fiends are susceptible to Samum and Devil’s Puffball Bombs and Relict Oil.

Once the Fiend gets down to low health it will use its third eye to blind you so it can get away. Look around for a dead body and then follow the tracks to some more ruins.

Finish off the Fiend and then loot it for the Fiend Trophy and a steel sword called Longclaw. Search around the area for the body of Olve. Unfortunately he didn’t make it.

Return to Rannvaig and give Odhen the bad news. He won’t be happy that his son was killed but still rewards you with 273 Crowns.

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