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From the start drop down the trapdoor and make your way to the right. Watch out for the spinning blades as you continue towards Checkmate 1.

Make your way down the ramps to Checkmate 2. Drop down the trapdoor and head through the door to the right to a secret area. Jump up the nets and drop down to the right for Coin #1.

Head to the left and drop down another trapdoor. Walk to the left and buddy slam down the trapdoor under the moving blade. Smash the box to the left to find Coin #2.

Make your way back out and head to the right. Drop down another trapdoor and make your way past the spinning blades to the left for Checkmate 3.

Just past the checkmate buddy slam through the trapdoor and pick up the Key in the box to the left. Jump back up the nets and use the Key to open the locked door. Inside you’ll find Coin #3.

Go back out through the door and make your way up and around the platforms. Head to the left to Checkmate 4.

When you drop down the next trapdoor a large spinning blade will start rolling after you. Quickly roll down the ramps until a door slams shut behind you and you see Checkmate 5.

Make your way past the spinning blades to the right and continue down the next ramp. Drop down the trapdoor at the bottom but go into the secret passage to the right.

Enter the green door and grab Coin #4 from the center of the wheel of spinning blades.

Head out through the green door on the other side. Drop down the trapdoor again and this time fall all the way down to Checkmate 6.

Head to the left past the spinning blades and you’ll find an elevator. Take it all the way down to the bottom while avoiding the enemies that fall down from above.

At the bottom you’ll find Checkmate 7. Continue to the left and head up the nets and platforms. About half way up is a door to the right. Go through and break the box for the green mine. You’ll need to hold onto it to the end of the level

Continue climbing up to the top and you’ll see the Beetalion. Don’t break it. Instead jump over it and throw the mine at the green gate. Behind it is a secret alcove with Coin #5.

Now head back and break the Beetalion for the bee named Zingary.

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