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This is another quest that is very easy to miss and obviously the messages are supposed to be hidden. Once you’ve completed Never Trust Children head into The Bits and explore the area just west of Triss’ Hideout.

You’ll spot two Nilfgaardians. One standing guard and the other kneeling down. When you get closer they’ll finish what they’re doing and move off. Examine the wall closely with your Witcher senses where the soldier was kneeling down. Interact with a brick to reveal a Note left by the spy.

Read the Note to discover the next location is Crippled Kate’s. Make your way to the brothel and examine the nearby archway. This time you’ll find another brick with a Note and also a Key. Read the Note to find the next location.

Make your map marker to make your way to the Gildorf district, just near to St. Gergory’s Bridge. Open the grate and climb down into the sewers. Take out the Drowners and you’ll find the hidden chest with loot and more Notes. Read them to complete the quest.

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