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During the Get Junior quest you’ll have the opportunity of working with Cleaver and his gang of dwarves. Use the map marker to find Cleaver’s headquarters. When you walk inside you’ll see Cleaver interrogating someone to find the whereabouts of Whoreson Junior.

Cleaver has worked out that Junior is most likely at either his Casino or Arena. Make your way to the Casino where you’ll catch up with Cleaver’s dwarves. Help them clear out the Casino and head up to the third floor to find a halfing Rico Meiersdorf. He tells you Whoreson is working with the Redanian army. You can untie him to start the Honor Among Thieves quest or leave him there.

Next head to the Arena where you’ll meet Cleavers dwarves. Head inside with them and kill all enemies. When you’re done speak with Cleaver to complete this quest.

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