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A Deadly Plot begins after you speak with Sigismund Dijkstra towards the end of Now or Never. It’s part of the Assassins’ quests that must be completed to unlock Reason of State. The other two are An Eye for an Eye and Redania’s Most Wanted.

Make your way to the Passiflora and talk to the Marquise Serenity. She will let you in to the secret room where you’ll meet Dijkstra and Vernon Roche. During the conversation you can agree to track down the missing contact.

Head to the Border Post and speak with Gregor. He’ll then point you towards the location of the Shoemaker’s wagon. Once you reach the area marked on the map use your Witcher senses to investigate the area. Follow the trail of shoes to a Rock Troll called Rogg. Apparently he collects shoes! Talk to him to find out his friends Ogg and Pogg have taken the Shoemaker to a nearby cave.

Enter the cave and make your way through it until you find the Shoemaker, who is none other than Thaler. If you threaten to kill the Trolls they will attack immediately. Continue talking to them if you want to find a peaceful solution.

Once free of the cave escort Thaler back to the wagon. You can talk to him along the way and find out what his plans are. After reaching the wagon you can play Gwent with him here or later when he goes to the Seven Cats Inn.

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