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The Volunteer can be picked up by reading the Oxenfurt notice board or going directly to the White Eagle Fort on the bit of land jutting out into the river west of Oxenfurt.

When you get close you’ll hear a troll singing. His name is Trollololo. Talk to him to find out he was asked by the Redanian soldiers to guard some boats and now sees himself as a soldier. When the peasants arrived to take the boats the soldiers fought with them and Trollololo accidentally killed everyone. He’s still here guarding the boats.

You can decide to kill him or ignore the little accident. If you don’t fight the troll he’ll ask you to get some paint so that he can paint a Redanian coat of arms. You can buy Paint from the merchant in Oxenfurt if you don’t have any already.

Trollololo will ask you to pain the coat of arms for him. You can either accept or suggest the troll paint it himself. Either way the fort will have a nice new coat of arms painted on the side.

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