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This is an unmarked quest in Oxenfurt that can be found in a street when you’re walking from the harbor to the market. Two Redanian soldiers will try to extort crowns from you claiming it as a “war tax”.

You can pay them 50 Crowns and they’ll leave you alone. If you do you’ll find them a few days later on the western side of the Novigrad Gate where they’ll ask for more money. This time 100 Crowns. If you refuse you’ll have to fight them with fists or your sword.

If you refuse to pay them outright they’ll call their superior officer and accuse you of being a spy. The superior won’t believe them and will threaten to send them into battle if they keep extorting the public. You can be on your way but you may run into them later east of the Novigrad Gate. The second time you can use Axii, pay them 50 Crowns or get into a fistfight.

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