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From the Start open the door and take out the Revenant. Open the white door to the south and do a lap around the room to the south to take out the Shotgun Guys. Enter the room and clear out all the hit scan enemies.

One of the teleporters has an Energy Cell Pack. Grab it and walk backwards. You’ll be teleported around to all the teleporters before you can get out.

Exit the room and take the corridor to the north east. Open the wall that has the flashing light on it and take the lift up for a Soul Sphere. This is Secret 1.

Take the lift back down and open the door at the end of the corridor. Continue down to the south past all the Blue Doors. Kill the Gunners in the circular room at the end and then open the door to the south.

Take out the Hell Knight and Chain Gunners and then go up the steps to the right to the room with Imps. From here you can take out the Mancubus through the windows.

on the southern wall you’ll notice a different patterned panel. Go through it for Secret 2 with a Backpack.

Go through the narrow door to the north to the room with the Mancubus. Hop onto the chair and then walk across the table. Drop into the open shelf for the Yellow Key.

Lower the lift next to the Skull in the corner for Secret 3. This takes you out to an outdoor area with 2 Chaingunners and a Megasphere.

Press on the Skull Button opens a door with a Teleporter back to a previous area. Instead go back through the door to the previous room, go down the steps and open the Yellow Door.

Inside you’ll find the Blue Key. When you grab it a few enemies are released. Head back to the corridor with the Blue Doors and go through one of them.

Make your way around the boxes clearing out all the enemies but avoid shooting the barrels at the far end.

When you are ready shoot the barrels on the teleporters and stand at one end of them. Enemies will start teleporting in.

First open one of the white doors to the north east and press the Switch inside the small room. Then press the Switch on the north wall to open the doors to the yard.

Take out the Cacodemons in the truck and grab the Red Key. Clear the yard of Imps and the Pain Elemental.

Shoot the barrels on the platform and then take the steps onto the platform. A ledge will lower with a Rocket Launcher and Rockets. This is Secret 4. When you grab the secret the wall next to you will lower, releasing 3 Mancubus.

Take out the Mancubus and head back inside. Open the red door and get your BFG ready to clear out the enemies inside. Open the smaller Red Door and hit the Exit Switch to complete the level.

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