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Deepest Reaches

Take out the enemies in the starting area and then open the door to the south. This leads to a large cavern with broken walkways going across the lava.

Clear out the enemies and open the lit up wall directly to your right for Secret 1 with a Box of Bullets.

Drop into the lava on the left side and quickly run into the corridor on the far left side for a Radiation Suit.

Press the face on the wall just before the corridor to lift up steps back to the start. Before going up the steps find the darker spot in the lava on the wall just by the steps. Press on the wall to lift up to Secret 2. There’s only a Stimpak here and an Imp.

Drop back down and then run across the broken pathway to the other side. Go through the door to the south and you’ll be in a small room with two white doors. Take the white door to the right.

Make your way up the steps to the room with wooden panels. When you press the Button in the center the walls around the outskirts will open, revealing a number of Chaingunners, Mancubus and Revenants.

Take them out and then head up the steps. When you grab the Rocket Launcher two Revenants will lower down from the center. Press on the Skull Button to open the door to the east and go through to a water area.

Make your way along the water to the east. You can stop off at a little room with an Invisibility sphere. When you get close the back wall opens revealing a Baron of Hell and Blue Armor. Kill the Baron and collect the goodies before continuing on your way.

Head down the stream of water to the room below with the Chaingunner and Mancubus. The Yellow Door is behind them but you don’t have the key yet. Instead go through the teleporter to the room with the Blue Key. Grab it and go back through the teleporter you just came through.

You’ll be taken back to the small room with the two white doors. This time go through the door to the left.

Take the lift down and press the Button to open the door. Head down the steps and quickly take out all the enemies. You may want to use the BFG or Plasma Gun to deal with them. The Red Key is up behind the altar but there’s no way to reach it from here.

Go through the Blue Door and once your up the top of the stairs turn around to the right. Open the wall to Secret 3. It looks like nothing is here but wait a few seconds and a BFG will raise up.

From the top of the stairs head to the left. Watch out for the Revenants on a ledge below. Continue around to the left to enter the red passageways. Make your way through the passages to the top where you’ll find the Yellow Key.

Before you go back to the Yellow Door there’s one more secret in this area. Face the window looking out to a wall. The wall ahead is an illusion. Dash through to Secret 4 with the Plasma Gun and ammo. Open the back wall for a Megasphere.

When you’re done here make your way back to the Yellow Door in the previous section. It was in a room at the end of the tunnel of water.

Take the narrow stairs down to the right and then clear out the upper walkway of this room. Drop down to the central area and walk over the center step to release the Mancubus. Hopefully the enemies will fight amongst each other. Kill whatever remains.

Press the Skull Button and go through to the Red Door. Hit the Switch to the right to open the door to the left.

This area is a little tricky. First shoot the Face on the right wall to open it and then press the Green Button to lower a platform. Ride it up and press the Button up the top. This opens a door to another cave section.

Follow the candles to a Switch. When you get close to it the lights will turn off. Hit the Switch and go back the way you came. This reveals another Skull Button in the green room.

Press the Skull Button to lower down another lift and ride it up. This takes you to the other side of where the Red Key is located. You’ll actually clip through the wall and grab it.

Head back out and go through the Red Door. Grab all the loot. That’s all that’s here.

Press the Skull Button to the square room and open the door between the yellow candelabras. Enter the teleporter, press the face Button in front of you and go down the steps that appear to the left to the Exit.

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