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System Control

From the Start pick up the Berserk pack and open the door to the next room. Punch the Zombiemen and Imps, then run up the stairs to the right for the Green Armor.

Come back down and go through the door opposite the stairs. Take out the Zombiemen and Imps and press both Switches behind the pillars. A room opens to the north with a few Imps. Take them out and then grab the Blue Armor.

Leave the room and then take the corridor to the north. Kill any enemies and then go through the door to the outside on the right. This is the one and only Secret for this level.

Outside you’ll find the Shotgun. Come back inside and continue along the corridor to another room. Press the green button to raise up steps and then get close to the blue exit door. A wall to another outside area will open up behind you. Go outside and press another green button.

Come back inside and head back down the corridor. When you get to the next room two small alcoves will have opened up. One has a couple of Chaingunners and the other has the Blue Key.

Use the key to open the Blue Door and press the button to take the lift down. At the bottom press the next button to raise up the bars. Take out the Chaingunners on the pedestals and then hit the exit Switch to complete the level.

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