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Ghost Town

Step forwards and take out the Chaingunners behind the windows. Grab the Blue Armor ahead and then press the Green Button to the right. This lowers down the two pillars blocking the path to the courtyard but they each have a Baron of Hell on top.

Kill the Barons and then go up the steps on either side to the first courtyard. The courtyard is a dangerous place at the moment with Chaingunners and a Mancubus around the outskirts.

Clear out the enemies as best you can and then you have two options. The path to the north leads to the level Exit and the path to the south leads to the Blue Key which you’ll need to open the exit.

Take the path to the south and clear out the Arachnotrons from the ledges on either side. When you step forwards Chaingunners will rise up and a Spider Mastermind will appear in front of you.

Carefully take out the Chaingunners on the ledges and then deal with the Spider Mastermind. When you step into the Spider’s lair more Chaingunners will appear on the ledges so you’ll need to deal with them as well.

Run forwards to grab the Blue Key but quickly run back as the Revenants appear. Take them out as best you can and then go through the teleporter up the stairs on the southwest side of the courtyard. You’ll be taken to a ledge overlooking the Megasphere. Run forawrds to grab it and trigger Secret 1 in the process.

Make your way through the northern exit and clear out the chaingunners on either side. When you walk up the steps Arch Viles will lower down on the pink pillars on either side. Quickly run back for cover.

Once the enemies have been dealt with head up the stairs and into the next room to trigger the Barons of Hell. Take them out and then deal with the Arch Vile in the alcove to the left.

Once all the enemies have been killed press the Blue Face Button to open the door to the Exit and go through to complete the level.

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