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This is a smaller map with not nearly as many enemies as the previous level. From the Start clear out all the Gunners, including those in the room through the large window.

Head into the building, flip the Switch and quickly enter the lift. The blue wall will open revealing enemies on the side and a Hell Knight will spawn in so you want to get out of that room as quickly as possible.

Open the secret wall to the left. The steps here are Secrets 1 to 5. Up the top you’ll find the Backpack. Open the wall at the end which leads back to the entrance room.

Take them all out, hit the Switch again and this time ride it up to the room above. When you grab the Blue Armor from the center of the room an alcove will open on the left with 5 Imps.

You don’t have the Red Key yet so instead hit the Switch to lift up steps to an exit in the north wall in the yard below.

More enemies will have been released so make sure you deal with them first and then head up the steps.

Make your way around the corridor, dealing with the Demons along the way, to another yard. This one has Revenants inside. You don’t have the Yellow Key to get into the yard yet so instead head to the north and walk down the steps. When the Revenants and Arachnotrons attack quickly run back to the safety of the corridor and take them out from there.

As you step further into the room you’ll be attacked by 2 Pain Elementals, one on either side of the room

Walk up the steps on either side for the Energy Cell Packs but watch out for the Cacodemons in the yard outside. Hit the Switch to lift up steps to the Yellow Key. When you grab it more enemies will spawn in so hide behind one of the pillars and take them out.

Now that you have the Yellow Key use it to open the Yellow Bar to the yard with the Red Key. Mancubus and other enemies will rise up when you step into the yard.

Take out the enemies and then grab the Red Key from the pedestal. Make your way back to the Starting area but watch out for the Chaingunners that are released from a side wall.

Enter the building and take the lift up to the room above. Open the Red Door and follow the corridor around to the right. Take out the Hell Knight and head through the door to the Exit.

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