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Open the door, go inside the building and walk towards the steps. The wall ahead will open revealing 2 Revenants. Imps will also spawn in around the sides.

Head up around the stairs and grab the Berserk pack. Follow the corridor around to a lift and continue making your way down to the tunnels below.

At the t-intersection take a left and then go through the door on the left. Make your way through the red tunnels until you reach the room with the Blue Key in the center.

Clear out the enemies and then grab the key. At the southern end you’ll find some Yellow Bars but you don’t have the key for it yet. Instead come back to the northern side and a shortcut will have opened. Just to the right of it open the wall for Secret 1 with a Soul Sphere and Light Amplification Goggles.

Head back through the door and then back to the first t-junction. This time head to the north. Follow the passage around but watch out for the trap in the corridor with the Lost Souls.

At the end of the passage you’ll come to a small rectangular room with a structure in the center. Go through the door to the north and you’ll see the Blue Door ahead.

Kill the enemies in the cage to the left. If you enter the cage then the wall to the right will open revealing a Hell Knights and Imps.

Go through the Blue Door and follow either passage around to a central room. If you follow the passage to the right you’ll trigger more traps and 4 rooms will open along the sides of the passage releasing Imps.

Once you get to the northern room enter and do a lap around. Two more rooms will open around the sides. Press the Button to open the door to the teleporter. Walk close to the teleporter in the center to open another 2 rooms. The final 2 rooms can be opened by walking a little way down the western passage. Each room will release Imps and Demons.

Once the area is clear go through the teleporter in the center but get ready with the BFG. Fire as soon as you’re about to teleport. You’ll be in a cage surrounded by enemies.

Grab the Yellow Key and open the slightly different textured stone wall to the west of the teleporter. This is Secret 2 and contains a Soul Sphere.

Go back through the teleporter and make your way back through the red tunnels to the Yellow Bars.

Just behind the bars you’ll find a Berserk pack. Carefully walk into the next room and take out the Chaingunners and Mancubus who will lower down with the Red Key.

Grab the key and then go back to the pool of lava. A room to the east will have opened up. Take out the enemies and continue making your way out of the red cave area.

Open the door and go to the left. Follow the passage around to the Red Door. Head down the steps on the other side and kill the Revenants and other enemies in the room below.

Walk towards the opening and get ready with your Rocket Launcher as an Arch Vile will start running towards you. Kill him before he teleports to the Starting area.

Step forwards to teleport to Starting area and step into the Exit to complete the level.

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