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Baron’s Lair

You begin in the central courtyard of this map with four doors leading to other areas around the outskirts. First you’ll need to head to the west to get the Red Key, to the north for the Blue Key, to the south for a final secret and then to the east to defeat the Baron and find the Exit.

The West

Open the door with the black banners on the sides and use the Rocket Launcher to take out the Revenants. Walk around the sides and kill the 2 Mancubus in the slime pool.

Press the Switch in the slime pool to open up the sides. Kill the Arachnotrons and press the Green Button on the right side to reveal a door on the left side. Go through the door for Secret 1 and a Soul Sphere.

Go through the open door on the right side of the pool and take the stairs up to the Red Key. Go through a teleporter to be taken back to the entrance of the western area. Head back out and take the door with the red banners beside it to the north.

The North

When you enter try to avoid blowing up the barrels as they can be used to kill some of the enemies. Let off a shot and the Pain Elementals and Cacodemons will be alerted to your presence. Kill them and then shoot the computer panels in the corner on either side for Secret 2 and Secret 3.

Drop down into the pit in the center and kill the Hell Knights before picking up the Blue Key. Climb up the thin steps/ladder and go back to the central yard.

The South

Take the Blue Door to the south, drop down to the grass and press the Switch. The wall in front of you will lower, revealing a long yard area. Kill the Pink Demons and Revenants and then press the 2 Switches at the end of the room. This will open up the door to the Baron’s area.

Before you leave lower the lift around the fountain and ride it up. This is Secret 4 and will allow you to grab the Berserk pack on top of the fountain.

Go back to the central courtyard where you started. Two Green Buttons should now be visible. Press them to open up the walls to Secret 5 and Secret 6 for a Mega Sphere and other goodies.

The East

The large door to the east should now be open. Clear out the Chaingunners and Revenant before going in. Head up the steps on the other side and press the Switch to open one of the side walls releasing a gruop of Revenants. Behind them is another Switch to open up the other wall releasing the Cyberdemon.

You can deal with the enemies seperately or open them both up together if you wish. Dealing with the Cyberdemon is difficult in this confined space. Use the pillars to your advantage, take a few shots and take cover. Repeat until the Cyberdemon is dead.

The Exit

To get to the exit you’ll need to flip the Switch in the alcove behind the Cyberdemon. This lowers down the pillars revealing a Button behind each of them. Flip the Switch and then hit one Button. Flip the Switch again and hit the other Button. A passage will open up the stairs and to the left. Follow it around to the level Exit.

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