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Well of Souls

From the Start press the Face Button to lower the water down and take out the Chaingunners who appear as the water lowers. At the bottom kill the Imps and go through the tunnel to the northwest.

Take out the Chaingunners and go to the north. The first passage on the left has many Skull Buttons. The first Button on the left opens an alcove behind you with two Chaingunners. The second Button on the left opens a room behind you with Specters and a room further down with Hell Knights.

This room also has the Yellow Door. Press the Skull Button on the right side opposite the room that opened up and a wall will open further down revealing a room behind the Yellow Door with the Red Key. You’ll get to it later.

Pressing the next Button on the left opens up tunnels with Lost Souls. Kill them all and then press the final Button on the right. The floor will lower down and you’ll drop into a room with Chaingunners and other enemies. Quickly run up the stairs in the southwest. The enemies will try to follow but get crushed by the crushing ceiling.

Drop into the water and take out the Pinky Demons. Continue into the large cave and take out the Chaingunners. When you head towards the stairs a Revenant will appear up the top.

Head up the stairs and onto the bridge but watch out for the group of Revenants to the right. Grab the Yellow Key at the end of the bridge and drop down on the east side. Go through the tunnel and into the teleporter. This takes you to the top of the water. Go through the white door which takes you back to the starting area.

Go through the tunnel to the north and down the corridor with the Skull Buttons. Drop down into the room at the end and press the Yellow Switch. This opens up the Yellow Door in the corridor with the Skull Buttons with the Red Key behind it. Go through the teleporter to be teleported back up to the corridor and grab the Red Key.

Head up the stairs just to the north and you’ll be taken to a ravine. As you step out the path behind you will be blocked and you’ll be stuck with Reventants and Cacodemons.

Shoot the computer terminal to the left and a couple of posts will appear showing you the location of the invisible bridge. Use Rockets to take out the Revenants and carefully dodge around the Cacodemon fireballs while you shoot them down.

Press the Red Switch and go through the door. Open the door with the Face on it at the end and take out the Chaingunners. Grab all the loot and go through the Exit to complete the level.

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