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From the Start press the Switch to lower the teleporters and go through any one of them You’ll be taken to a central room. Press the Face Button to lower the floor and you’ll be exposed to the enemies all around.

Quickly run down one of the corridors and find a spot where you can hold your ground. Take out all the enemies in the central room before proceeding.

From the central platform go east and open the door. Take out the Imps and pick up the loot. You can see the Exit from here on a small platform but you can’t reach it yet.

Go back to the center, head north and take the next left (west). From here you can look through the bars and take out the Revenants in the room to the south. Press the Switch on the wall to reveal the platform next to you. Run across it for the Yellow Key.

Head back to the Switch and dash across the platforms to Secret 1 with the Plasma Gun. Step on the teleporter to be taken back to the central walkways.

From the Switch again continue west into the next room. Chaingunners will rise up but they can’t see you yet. Press the Switch to lift up stairs on the ledge on the other side. When you come back to the stairs the Chaingunners and Hell Knights will be released. If you need Health pick up the Berserk pack behind the Chaingunners.

Now that you have the Yellow Key go back to the central walkway and then north to the Yellow Door. Kill the Chaingunners through the windows, hit the Switch and then hit the Button around the back of the passage. Barons of Hell will teleport in so take them out.

A walkway around the southeastern pool will be revealed. Walk along it from the north to the south and you’ll spot a lift lowering down. Ride it up for Secret 2 with Health Bonuses.

For Secret 3 go back to the western room and drop into the slime. Take the teleporter in the corner. You’ll be in another slime pool. Run to the alcove and press the Button. Take the lift up to a small room with the Blue Armor.

One more secret to find. Go back to the ledge that had the Yellow Key and drop into the pool on the right side. You’ll see a Switch on the wall. Hit the Switch and go through the teleporter. Head back to the room to the west and you’ll notice a wall has opened revealing another teleporter.

Step through and you’ll be teleported to the top of the curved ledge for Secret 4 and a Soul Sphere. Drop down to the goo and go through a teleporter back to the central walkway.

Go back to the ledge around the southestern pool and hit the Switch. A lift lower with a teleporter. Step into it to be taken to the opposite ledge in the western room. Grab the Radiation Suit, head up the steps and hit the Switch.

A wall will lower releasing three Mancubus. Kill them and pick up the Blue Key. Take the teleporter back to the central walkway and go through the Blue Door to the east.

Make your way up the steps and hit the Switch up the top. This opens the exit door to the south. When you go through it closes behind you.

Head down the steps to two teleporters, red and silver. The Red Teleporter takes you back to a previous room. The Silver Teleporter takes you to the Exit.

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